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In addition to our hand-dipped ice cream flavors, we offer a variety of other unique ice cream and sorbet products.  Call us for pricing on these delicious items.


BUZZBAR® is the Ultimate Gourmet Ice Cream Cocktail Experience! The world's first gourmet line of ice cream bars and sorbet bars infused with alcohol.  For adults only!  Choose from six delicious cocktail flavors.  

Vanilla Daze

Vanilla Ice Cream + Cognac

Silky smooth vanilla bean ice cream merged with soothing French cognac (bars coated with a luscious dark chocolate shell). From the exotic orchards of Mexico to the warmth of a French chateau, indulge in this elegant delight.


Bourbon St. Chocolate

Chocolate Ice Cream + Whiskey

Rich, full flavored bourbon, melded into rich decadent chocolate ice cream. Enjoy a little taste of the Big Easy!



Refreshingly tart fruit sorbets served in the fruit shell.

Lemon Ripieno

Refreshing lemon sorbetto served in the natural fruit shell.


Orange Ripieno

Orange sorbetto served in the natural fruit shell


Mojito Madness

Lime and Mint Sorbet + Rum

Refreshing mint and luscious lime sorbet blended with exotic rum. Nothing says weekend better than this popular, traditional Cuban delight.


Majestic Mango

Mango and Lime Sorbet + Silver Tequila

Mouth watering fresh mango sorbet blended with "Top-shelf" Silver Tequila. Makes you feel like you're on a Tropical Island.


Citrus Berry Drop

Raspberry and Lemon Sorbet + Lemon Vodka

Mouth watering fresh lemons fused together with ripe raspberries and smooth vodka, chilled into a refreshing sorbet. A fresh and sophisticated Cosmopolitan on a stick.


Pineapple Buzz

Tropical Fruit Sorbet + Spiced Rum

Taste the Islands on your tongue with a refreshing tropical fruit sorbet blended with spiced rum. Enjoy an umbrella drink on a stick.

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